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What should i study in community college

Published 01.01.2019

I get this question all the time - I teach lots of high school seniors and community college freshmen. Here's my answer to all of them: It doesn't. Here are 10 helpful tips all community college students should know before time studying and completing assignments as you would for a face-to-face class. A student with a strong academic record at a community college can then lots of support services, such as mentoring programs and organized study groups.

Students can lower the overall cost of a bachelor's degree by taking the first two years of study at a community college. Students should design their programs of . Life in the United States can be very expensive, so having to pay less for tuition is certainly a perk to studying at a community college- especially when you can. How can a community college help me decide what to do with my life? whether you need to take any catch-up courses before beginning college-level study.

Why Students Should Consider Community College Some students aren't sure what they want to study, while others are looking for a more. An associate degree or technical certificate in a high-tech field can pay big dividends. Whether you're looking for a multi-year degree or a shorter certificate that can be earned in a few months, community colleges have something for everyone. With nearly community colleges in the country, there are many benefits of this model in comparison to studying all four years at a university. with which students can transfer from one college or university to another.

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