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What causes plantar warts during pregnancy

Published 22.08.2018

However, the particular strains of HPV that cause plantar warts are not highly contagious, so you may not necessarily contract a wart-causing. Plantar warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). It can be contracted by walking barefoot on unsanitary surfaces. Touching and scratching can. WebMD's guide to plantar warts, which are caused by a virus that infects the feet.

Certain types of HPV can also cause warts to appear in the genital area. Plantar warts: This type of wart usually appears as flesh-colored or. Warts are small non-cancerous lumps, seen most often on the skin of the hands and feet. Learn about their symptoms and treatment. It is estimated that cure rates of plantar warts with a watch and Topical salicylic acid may cause irritation if applied to to the wart, and is contraindicated in pregnant women and young children

Plantar warts may be more amenable to treatment with salicylic acid with .. on pregnant women, children, immunosuppressed patients or patients with vascular . Has anyone else had a plantar's wart on their foot or anything while pregnant The virus that causes warts is extremely contagious, so since ur. I had plantar warts on my foot before I became pregnant, but didn't know what it was until I was several weeks into my pregnancy. The nurse at. Plantar warts: These warts may be difficult to get rid of and by pregnant women, since it can cause birth defects in.

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