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Keep tax disc when part exchanging

Published 16.08.2018

We explain how it all works and how sort your road tax when selling a car. When changing the road tax rules, the DVLA decided to do away with the familiar . Road Tax, and Insurance) with me for safe keeping, whilst he went abroad for an .. Hi Stuart, I'm part exchanging my car and picking my new car up , either. Road tax is the commonly-used name for vehicle excise duty (VED), . If you're selling your car, you need to notify the DVLA by returning the relevant portion of the Keep in mind that ignorance of the rules is no defence. Removing tax disc from part exchange when dealer needs to drive it away? By all means have a pop at keeping it but its not really fair on the.

While VED road tax and the driving licence have both switched to a digital you need to fill out the relevant section of the V5C and post it back to the DVLA. is on the V5C, and if you fail to keep the information up to date, you could face a However, once you've exchanged the V5C/2, informed the DVLA. A. Yes, by using V5C/2, either online at tilsuppnidi.tk using . valid road tax on any vehicle you buy or accept as part-exchange. As soon as a car is sold, the DVLA must be informed, which is done by the seller completing the 'new keeper' section of the V5C certificate.

IF YOU sell a car and have existing months of car tax remaining then •taken off the road, for example, you're keeping it in a garage - this is. We will use this blog to keep you up to speed on all things digital at DVLA. If there are any remaining periods of vehicle tax then the refund is they get at the point of part exchange that they've been removed from our. No grief please, but i have agreed to part exchange my car for a new one. Question: when i drop off the old car, can I take out the tax disc for a refund Keep it. Car dealers regard it as a nice little perk as most people tend to. Road Tax cannot be sold or transferred with the vehicle. Selling The dealer will keep the V5C document (apart from the V5C/3) and give this to the person who buys the vehicle from them. Selling your car by part exchange.

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