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How to epoxy grout tile

Published 27.07.2018

Installing epoxy grout in a cold room will not work very well. A warm room, and warm tiles, are much better. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your grout. There are ways to clean dried epoxy grout off the tiles but you really want to avoid them if possible by meticulously cleaning off the tile before. What is the difference between epoxy grout and mortar and conventional grout and mortar? Often times the bond between tiles is stronger than the tile itself.

However, if the tile or stone grouted with a LATICRETE or LATAPOXY epoxy grout requires sealing, allow the grout to fully cure for 10 days at 70°F (21°C) prior. Epoxy grouts require more physical effort to place than cementitious grouts. The formwork must be very rigid. All forming must be made watertight by sealing all. Learn the difference between Epoxy and Cement grout and see why Tile Doctor's Epoxy grout is far superior than cement grout and other.

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