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How to combine subtools into one mesh

Published 26.12.2018

First of all I'm sorry for my poor english and for anything that I don't realize My mid -term work, I have to sculpt the model based on the given. Now that I have finished sculpting, I want to combine all these sub tools into one mesh so I can sculpt cracks etc across multiple slabs. Dear all, please help with the correct workflow. I have a character created in Zbrush for a game with multiple subtools which are cloth details etc.

Is there an actual button in a certain menu that does the welding operation without using the ctrl+click and drag approach? I didn't see any. i have a head and a body as separate subtools and il'd like to merge them into one subtool so i can clean up the seam. does anybody know. The ListAll (hotkey N) will list all SubTools alphabetically in a pop-up menu. The MergeDown button will merge the selected SubTool with the SubTool directly.

Combining different SubTools with operators. To create a large amount of variation for your remeshing of models and create the base mesh that you need, you. Duplicate detailed subtool; Dynamesh the duplicate to combine meshes into one seamless mesh; Zremesh the new merged mesh to get a. Hi guys, I use Poser to get my base mesh and then I export to Zbrush, use subtool extraction and then usually I go to Subtool master and merge.

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