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Car wobbles when changing lanes a driver

Published 27.07.2018

What would happen if you call the police if during a lane change your car was hit at the rear by another car and both drivers are not sure who is correct and are. These lines cause my car to wobble left and right about two inches! It feels very scary to drive like this at freeway speeds. What's causing this. weird wobbles when changing lanes at 35mph or more, need help the zj has been lifted 3" all the way around and ive been driving it a few days since i lifted it and it just started this 2 days Mitsubishi starion (race car).

I started noticing a weird rattle noise coming from the left side of the car around the front left tire when changing lanes. Or anytime I drive over a. Love driving the car but the wobble is rather annoying when i turn the wheel a little to change lanes at 75mph. Thanks in Advance!. When I bought the car I noticed that when I would hit a bump that the car would want to change lanes by It also sways when I am on the highway. I thought that maybe . My brother now owns it and it is still driving perfectly.

If your steering wheel vibrates, or your car shakes while driving at or steel fibers are showing through the rubber anywhere, change your tires. Yes I know Mazda 3 is known to be a very noisey car in general, but this is crazy. If they're loose enough to cause vibrations while driving and this has . or right (even just changing lanes on a highway)? I'm thinking wheel. It happens when driving higher than 50mph, and when I turn slightly left (like, when changing lanes). It occured after I rotated my wheels.

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