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Where to locate knobs on cabinet doors

Published 19.10.2018

A knob is your most basic cabinet handle, suitable for doors and drawers alike. Knobs are installed with a single screw. The traditional knob is. Read our tips and tricks on how to place hardware! In traditional spaces, the general rule to follow is knobs on doors and pulls on drawers. On lower cabinets place knob holes /2” down from the top of the door. Cabinet knobs and pulls are almost always centered horizontally on the door stile.

The same goes with pulls on cabinet doors: the bottom of the pull (on upper their home, but it does put the handles in the most convenient place for reaching. If you have more than a few knobs or pulls to install, use a template when you install cabinet hardware. You'll find hundreds to choose from. The wood grain on cabinet doors and fronts usually varies in color, so take one. You can use a tape measure and a pencil to make a mark on the cabinet door showing you where to drill the hole for the screw that holds the knob in place.

Cabinet & Door Hardware and Home Accents How to Install Cabinet Knobs and . from TaylorCraft Cabinet Door Company's Houzz page asking where to place . Lower cabinet pull or knob placement is similar to upper cabinet's. The main difference is you'll place them near the top of the door on the stile. This simple, important step will guarantee your new pulls and knobs will be installed Of course, if you have really tall cabinet doors, you'll want to give One option is to place one large pull in the center of the drawer face.

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