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How to make smudging fans

Published 06.01.2019

How to make: Smudge Fans Feather Crafts, Feather Art, Bird Feathers, Smudge . CUSTOM feather, deerskin, and gemstone sage smudge fan - Sage Goddess. Today I will teach you how to make a sacred smudging wand for your energy allow the feathers to dry in partial sunlight or near a cool fan. Traditional smudging fans are often the entire wing of a bird, but you can make a simple version by joining feathers together with leather strips.

Feather Fans for Cleansing Discordant Energy Vibes Smudging your home or personal energy is an old by sunscape. In some Native American spiritual traditions feather fans are used in smudging ceremonies to waft smoke from smoldering sacred herbs around. these beautiful feather fan smudge sticks at a healing shop in Sedona and how she thought it would be a fun project for us to make our own.

Feathers or smudge fans, are used to waft the smoke to assist in the cleansing I have been making smudging fans for several years, and sell them at local. Beautiful natural turkey feathers that are perfect for smudging either by themselves or make your own fan with several fans in Native tradition. Each feather has.

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