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Who killed linda norgrove

Published 25.07.2018

On 26 September , British aid worker Linda Norgrove and three Afghan colleagues were kidnapped by members of the Taliban in the Kunar Province of. Startling details of the daring rescue mission that ended in the death of the British aid worker Linda Norgrove can be revealed today, as a joint. Members of a US special forces unit have been disciplined after they accidentally killed Linda Norgrove, the kidnapped Scottish aid worker they.

Toward the end of the appearance of William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary, before the House of Commons today, to say what the British. A UK aid worker held hostage after being kidnapped in Afghanistan has been killed during a rescue attempt, the Foreign Office has said. Linda. British hostage Linda Norgrove may have been killed by a grenade thrown by US rescuers, the prime minister said on Monday, but 48 hours.

A US investigation into the death of Linda Norgrove, the British aid worker, is understood to have found that she was killed by a hand grenade. The Linda Norgrove Foundation, grant-giving, provides funding for women and Linda was kidnapped and subsequently died during a failed rescue attempt in. THE US Navy Seal who threw a grenade that accidentally killed the Scottish aid worker Linda Norgrove was allowed to remain part of the elite. The death of British aid worker Linda Norgrove was caught on helmet-mounted cameras worn by the officers who mistakenly killed her with a.

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