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What weight switch rod for trout

Published 19.07.2018

For a 9'#8 weight, there are lighter reels on the market. For the longer trout switch and spey rods that have heavier swing weights, the TFO helps balance the. Products 1 - 9 of 9 3 weight " 4 pc. Sage ONE Two Handed Trout Spey Rod ONE Rod. 3 weight 11'0" 4 pc. Sage ONE Two Handed Trout Spey Rod. Most rods that are considered "trout spey" rods are in the weight range and are capable of throwing streamers up to size #4 depending on the particular rod.

Switch rods are really fun. Most switch rods live in the 4- to 7-weight world, and small rods mean little physical effort. I have a Trout 4wt that I use. So if you want your switch rod to play fish like your 6 weight single the angler a true "trout spey" rod that isn't built on a steelhead chassis. Roguerat posted: I've fished and enjoyed my 7 wt switch rod for a season now and getting the itch to step up (down?) to a full-length Spey.

The lighter #4, #5 and #6 weight rods are most commonly used for trout and smaller steelhead while the heavier #7 and #8 weight switch rods are used for. For steelhead and salmon anglers, these trout spey rods are a tool to keep casting in shape in the offseason. For the trout angler, line weight 2. Buy Now $ For medium to large flies and big trout, a #5 weight Spey rod commands the water. They can handle fairly large sink-tips when dredging for.

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