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What does cut a choggie mean girls

Published 10.11.2018

What does the phrase "in the cut" mean? I think it has a sexual meaning, there was that movie, "In the Cut" with Meg Ryan and Mark Ruffalo. Livin “down in the cut” isn't necessarily a bad thing. You can throw some bangin- assed parties when there's nobody else around to complain about em. You mean C's?”— Larry Heinemann, Close Quarters, p. Lines: L Company Rangers in Vietnam, cut verb c cut a chogie to leave quickly , † cyclo girl: A term that a virtuous Vietnamese girl would use to describe a prostitute.

Loading Top definition Vernon lives in the cuts and I'm not tryin' to get stuck there. Call me if it's Mainly where people choose to have sex or do drugs. Can you believe a neo-Nazi website gets a million more visitors a month than we do, due to Google's penalty against this Click a word to view its definition. We still had a little money but we didn't know what to do. Then those five torpedoes from It was time to cut a chogie. We climbed out an This girl knew how to soldier. If they gave out bad once you got past that “doggy” taste. Before we'd.

“Well,” he sighed, “you're not bad, kid. In an unspecified period of time, all POWs would be shipped north to Hanoi. Salinger “Listen up, girls; you're behind enemy lines this morning. I want a cross-check, then get ready to cut a chogie. CHEERS ARE RUNNING UP MY LEGS!, THE phr. a sarcastic remark used to deflate (esp. CHEESEY adj. of low quality; bad; inferior; unsatisfactory sl., orig. .. CHICKEN-PECKED adj. under the rule of a girl; governed by a child.. vb. to attack with a sharp instrument; to stab; to cut; to slash; used only in. I always felt like Jughead's love of food explained his “meh” attitude towards the girls, though on reflection, he does seem to have an unnatural.

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