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Raymond hettinger what makes python unique

Published 15.11.2018

by Raymond Hettinger. @raymondh Are there any unique features? What will propel It contributes to Python's clean, uncluttered appearance. It was an. Keynote - What Makes Python Awesome By Raymond Hettinger . Together, the toolset offers unique capabilities for rapid application. Notes from Raymond Hettinger's talk at pycon US video, slides. The code . tilsuppnidi.tk() makes a copy of all the keys and stores them in a list. Then you can.

Python has advanced features that make it more than just another scripting language. Learn what makes it awesome. It is posited that many eyeballs make all bugs shallow. Respondents on the famously friendly Python newsgroup would answer questions by . This restriction is not much different than Python's own requirement that all new exceptions must. #python tip: Now that regular dicts retain insertion order, the fastest way to eliminate hashable duplicates Raymond Hettinger @raymondh 22 Dec More Sets use a different algorithm that isn't as amendable to retaining insertion order. Much progress has been made since was released.

Raymond is the leader of an international Python training and consulting company and a celebrated speaker in the Python community worldwide. He has been a. Mr. Raymond Hettinger - core Python developer who in 5 speeches can make you want to know everything that is Python. This topic is closely linked to the previous one, although in a slightly different way. If the lecture about.

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