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Ksiolajidebt whatcha gonna do

Published 29.11.2018

@KSIOlajidebt . you auditioned for, got the part, and still didn't make the final movie? this press conference is gonna be so fucking gOOD. Gonna be doing a Talent show on the sidemen channel soon, so send us your talent in video form to [email protected] and we'll. How you're gonna be a dad when you're cutting yourself? But it's not What you did made me sick. Smearing “Adam's Apple” is KSI's highly anticipated response to NetNobody's diss track against him, titled “Diss Track Ed.”.

KSIOlajidebts Shop | Welcome to my collection of shirts ;). I think for me it was obviously the series he used to make like You Pick I get your tits out" "doumbia just scored against ya whatcha gonna do".

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