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How to apply bondo glass filler

Published 08.08.2018

Bondo® Glass Reinforced Filler makes an excellent foundation for hole, dent and rust-out repairs without the need for backing strips, cloths and resins. Learn to mix Bondo and save money, as Bondo, also called body. If you want to use Bondo Glass, the filler and hardener are mixed in the same proportions as . Assuring A Proper Repair When Welding Vehicle Sheet Metal Any weld that is performed on a vehicle requires certain steps to assure a proper.

You do not want to apply body filler to anything that is thicker than then use Bondo Bondo-Glass over the rusted area, sand and finish out with. Bondo-Glass is a unique reinforced body filler containing short, interlocking Most folks don;t even attempt cold weather application It won't cure correct, if it. after years of using a quality body filler, i was put in a situation where all i could get at the time was this product, its not easy to work with, you need arms of steel.

Buy Bondo Glass Reinforced Filler - lb. Works great on boats; Sands in only 2 minutes; Great for use on fiberglass, wood, metal, aluminum, SMC.

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