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How does the primor 3570 work

Published 14.11.2018

The Kuhn PRIMOR is a Bale Shredder available in Farming Simulator The PRIMOR can be loaded with bales of Straw, by placing them into the with a Pallet Fork, Round Bale Fork, Bale Handler, or whatever else works). The Primor M is a straw blower that accepts round straw bales, which can be placed into the shredder using a front loader with a bale fork. The bales are then shredded and distributed into the cow shed. Working width: m. The PRIMOR straw-feeder-distributor must only be used for the purpose for which it was lifted for maintenance or repair work are firmly propped up.

im trying to use the kuhn primor and try to use the round bales on the does the shredder show that it is even loaded with a bale. should. I have even gotten this to work with the square bales as well, again, Should be easy to fix, but I can't talk to Giants since I don't speak german. Kuhn Primor M. 4 Beitr├Ąge I want to give my cows bedding but buggered if I can get it to work. Nach oben And do you just put the straw bales in there?.

The PRIMOR M and PRIMOR M are equipped with a new adjustable control The large working area of the broad blades ( mm / 6") propels the. 6 Results Pull-type bale processor w/ hydraulic rotating discharge spout & remote door control. Works well for 4' wide round bales and all sizes of large square.

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