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How do you jack up a trailer

Published 04.12.2018

There are a number of ways to lift your trailer in order to change a flat tire. Single axle trailers typically require a lifting jack, like a bottle jack, to raise the axle up. Finally, always set the jack under the trailer frame. In some instances this may mean you'll need to block up the jack. Don't try and throw. There are many procedures that may require you to jack up your travel trailer: to unhitch it, to change a tire on the road, to make repairs underneath the trailer.

Knowing how to properly jack up your dual axle trailer can save you time in an emergency situation. It can also keep you and the contents of the trailer safe. Hi Looking for opinions on where abouts to jack up the trailer for winter storage. To explain further, I have gone between placing the axle stands. I have posted a few messages on several forums about the proper way to jack up my trailer to change a tire. I have gotten several different.

I've got a single axle Mastercraft trailer carrying a 94 PS With the boat on the trailer, what is the best way to jack up this rig for. I have read, several times, that you should not jack up an axle to replace a wheel on a dual axle trailer. The way I understand it, you must drive.

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