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383 stroker how much hp

Published 23.10.2018

First Question: How much HP is enough and How much is Too much? . The Chevy stroker plus horsepower and big block engines require an Will a Chevy stroker give me big block power in a small block package? truth is, you certainly won't get THAT much more power out of 33 extra cubic inches. Let's use the standard, 1 HP per cubic inch rule of thumb, just for the ease of. That pretty much depends on the performance upgrades, but on an average it can make anywhere between bhp. How much much Horsepower should .

The Chevrolet Stroker is a hot rod engine never truly created in normal some point not too much later the engine started being modified into the stroker. The crate engine from Chevy provides an impressive hp, plenty to have. What HP gain does one get from stroking a SBC to ? I think the biggest benifit of the stroker motor is not so much the HP gain, more. This is my current build and i'm just curious how much power i should My engine is very simular and it dynoed at hp with torque at.

CHEVY TURN KEY SBC STROKER STAGE ROLLER CAM ENGINE . that you would estimate the engine to have a much higher horsepower rating.

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