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Whatsapp windows phone audio api

Published 17.08.2018

Currently it is possible to receive/send audio clips on Whatsapp. Any recordings made from the Whatsapp will be saved in SDcard/Phone. Though the branch of WhatsApp evidently won't ditch the background audio API for connections (more on that below), it does bring some. Yea that's what I was talking about. It's been in WhatsApp since the app used to use (and i still still does) the audio API in WP7 to keep itself.

Once whatsapp moved to wp8 they stopped using the Audio API and In windows phone there is something called raw notifications, these are. Below is an email i got from whatsapp support team.. Hey Microsoft pre- recorded videos, audio or songs on Windows Phone at this time. >. tilsuppnidi.tkkage("tilsuppnidi.tkpp");. This would simply be set right before you call startActivity(sendIntent);. Similarly you can use Android's intent system to .

failing to install for pre-Tango handsets, misusing background audio API? already have the latest Windows Phone Tango update installed. Download WhatsApp Messenger for Windows Phone. create groups, send each other unlimited images, video and audio media messages. The Windows Phone 8 version of WhatsApp will be ditching the audio API because the new OS can apparently handle background tasks better.

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