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How to make a blend in revit

Published 17.07.2018

For example, if you sketch a large rectangle and a smaller rectangle on top of it, Revit blends the 2 shapes together. Video: Create a Blend. Create a swept blend form from a line and 2 or more 2D profiles sketched perpendicular to the line. The line in the swept blend defines the path. I have made this roof with the solid swept blend command. I then wished to make a void extrusion to make to make the roof plumb. Platform Support ยท Revit - Student Support; Void forms with solid swept blend problems.

I am trying to do a swept blend with 4 profiles and I tried to follow the revit help. the guide tells me to create the path which i have done. Massing Blend. From TOI-Pedia. (Redirected from Revit Mass Blend) Redirect page. #REDIRECT Mass Modeling Blend. Retrieved from. Hello, I am trying to create a very specific shape using a generic mass revit family . It has two octagonal bases, the top with a diameter of feet.

In a recent blog post I was trying to create a swept blend (or loft) along a single spline path and I encountered a few problems, which were. Revit provides specialized tools depending on the element you are creating. be created with a combination of sweeps, blends, extrusions, and revolves. Creating shapes in Revit involves sketching profiles then specifying the thickness . Here are a few points to remember when creating a blend.

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