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How to get scrobbles from ipod

Published 07.09.2018

Does anyone still have a link to this file? It could be weeks or even months before tilsuppnidi.tk release an official fix, and iPod scrobbles disappear. In order to get tilsuppnidi.tk to scrobble your iPod, you'll need to check that the different programs involved launch in the right order. The order you. Download the Lastfm ( version is compatible with the latest iTunes) scrobbler from their website tilsuppnidi.tk

The one problem I have is that no plays from my iPod sync to the library, or scrobble to tilsuppnidi.tk My plays on the computer scrobble normally, and. Have you found a perfect solution so you don't lose scrobbles, or submit double scrobbles, etc? The official scrobbler gets really confused if you. Love the app, but I have a question. Does simplescrobbler scrobble iPod plays reflected in "Recently Played" playlist after a sync? I haven't tried yet, I suppose.

If you often use tilsuppnidi.tk for Internet radio, this make the most sense. It will attempt to scrobble iPod tracks played. This official client is free. Track the music you listen to by scrobbling via our desktop and mobile apps or by Get the official tilsuppnidi.tk Scrobbler App to keep track of what you're listening to. When you're all setup, login and go to the scrobbling page on tilsuppnidi.tk If you listen to music on an iPod, those tracks will be scrobbled when. I've been using tilsuppnidi.tk to track my listening history for ten years now and wonder if it's possible to get JRiver to report / scrobble my iPod plays?.

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