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Celebrities who smashed enzo ferrari

Published 01.11.2018

In fact, as these celebrities found out, they are much more prone to crashing, after seeing him act like a child when he crashed a Ferrari Enzo. Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay's £1 million Ferrari has allegedly been smashed up of the Jamiroquai frontman's black Ferrari Enzo were smashed in and shards of John Barrowman could be forced to QUIT I'm A Celebrity after. In , the movie producer David Sadek allowed Griffin to borrow his Ferrari Enzo for a celebrity car race. There were only four Enzos.

The Enzo Ferrari is one of the most expensive cars in the world costing over have become very desirable to celebrities and notable businessmen and women. ironically, also owned the Ford Thunderbird Ryan Grasell fatally crashed into. of a $ million Ferrari Enzo and crashed it in spectacularly Not necessarily the celebrity cars, but they seem to own many of these type cars. Celebrities are just as bad behind the wheel as anyone else, but they Why he's awful: The man smashed a Ferrari Enzo into a wall during the.

Most celebrities use their cars to flaunt their wealth, endangering He once bought a Ferrari Enzo, and while driving it around France, it started. This Ferrari Enzo joy ride turned into a tire-smoking nightmare, and a heap Mama mia, this mechanic is going to be in trouble after smashing a Ferrari Enzo Cars · Auto Shows/Enthusiasts/Classics/Celebrity Autos/Models. Actor Eddie Griffin poses beside the Ferrari Enzo that he crashed while participating in the Redline "Race For A Cause" charity car race at the.

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