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What was goldbergs streak

Published 27.10.2018

On the September 22, episode of Nitro, Goldberg defeated Hugh Morrus in his debut match. Goldberg rapidly became the most dominant force in WCW in its heyday thanks his massive undefeated streak (along with his incredibly. Goldberg's unprecedented undefeated streak stood firm at as he entered Starrcade with the WCW Championship. He had defeated.

1. Hugh Morrus * WCW Nitro * Salt Lake City, UT * 9/22/97 / 2. The Barbarian * WCW Nitro * Worcester, MA * 9/29/97 / 3. Roadblock * WCW Saturday Night. WCW obviously inflated it but there's gotta be a legit number somewhere. Goldberg's legendary winning streak of during his days in WCW (World championship Wrestling) seemed to be a record no one would.

GOLDBERG will make his first appearance inside a WWE ring in 12 years on this week's Truth behind wrestler's mythical undefeated streak. Nothing lasts forever but Bill Goldberg's undefeated streak coming to an end at the Starrcade pay-per-view event on this date in WCW history is. ALL MATCHES WCW Bill Goldberg undefeated streak (). Alessandro Sciacca; 88 videos; , views; Last updated on Nov 25, Play all. Share. Thanks to Scott Hall and a taser gun, the streak was officially over, and with it some of the mystique that had carried Goldberg so far during his.

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