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What to do with player points roblox

Published 20.08.2018

Player points are a non-usable currency on Roblox, usually intended to display gaming skill. Players can earn them at select games where it is scripted to give them some by either playing an obby, sword fighting, etc. They have been reduced to being leaderboard for each game, and. Points are an award system in Roblox to showcase player achievements and . with loadstrings disabled, so do not enable them if you want to use the Points. It takes a while for this gamepass to take effect, it does work. Check the leaderboards. Get 1 Player Point per 3 Points in-game. Collect up to Points for.

Also, since game developers decide how many Player Points to give out, there has to be SOME limit, right? Otherwise, players could just make games that give. So roblox removed player points about a year ago, why? and why can Submissions that do not fit within the above threads can be posted by.

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