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How big is a fish stomach explode

Published 17.12.2018

But, baby alien explosion aside, how much can the human stomach hold So, a better question might be: "Just how big can the stomach get in. It was like a normal morning but when I look at my fish tank, one of my bottom feeder stomach was soooo big (it wasn't even that big yesterday) when I took a. But for fish it can be like a full blown ruptured belly. Saw a flounders belly explode once from overfeeding. My blenny is about 4" long.

I woke this morning to see one of my large danios with an exploded stomach. What caused this? He was doing fine yesterday. Anything I. As another whale explodes in Lincolnshire, WIRED takes a look at the phenomenon. floor where it's eventually scavenged by communities of sharks, fish Gas builds up inside the whale as its stomach contents decompose. Overfeeding fish is so easy to do. First, we forget how small they are: our appetites are much bigger than their stomachs! Second, feeding is one of the only ways.

Is the white substance coming out of where it should be or at a different I have never heard of the stomach exploding from the side but if your. posted in Your Pets: Well i had 2 fish for a long while - probably i noticed a big gaping hole under its stomach with stuff hanging out. the other.

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