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What happened to abcs wicked city

Published 05.08.2018

Wicked City is an American procedural drama television series created by Steven Baigelman On November 13, , after airing only three episodes, ABC announced Wicked City had been cancelled, pulling the series from its fall schedule. You want the ugly, you want the darkness, you want to destroy things.” -- Kent Grainger/Cooper Flynn *We thought we might never see them. ABC canceled Wicked City today, with the serial-killer drama becoming the first new network series this season to be yanked off the schedule.

Production on Wicked City will conclude after episode eight, which is becomes the first official series to be canceled and outright removed. Every season new shows hit the airwaves, and every season some of them fall on the chopping block. This season has proven to be something. Wicked City Cancelled at ABC. By Kimberly Roots / November 13 , PM PST. Wicked City Cancelled. Courtesy of ABC. Share This Article; Tumblr.

RIP Wicked City. Hope it gets canceled soon and I'm wondering if Castle or any another drama series should fill the void in the 10 pm Tuesday. "Wicked City" has earned a dubious distinction: The ABC drama is not just fall TV's first canceled show, it's fall TV's only canceled show. Wicked City TV show on ABC canceled, no season 2 There always has to be a first TV show cancellation and this season's came much later. A broadcast network has finally canceled a new show this season: Wicked City is no more. ABC has axed the freshman drama,.

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