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What does echar un palito meaning

Published 12.11.2018

Your use of Urban Dictionary is subject to our terms of service. I understand Top definition. Echar un Get a Echar un palo mug for your brother-in-law Günter. Translate Palo. See 19 I couldn't nail down the poles of the tent because the ground is frozen. c. handle (of a tool) Él no te ama, solo quiere echar un palo. Esta comida ya está caducada. Échala en la tilsuppnidi.tk food is spoiled. Throw it in the garbage. b. to cast. Un pescador echó el sedal desde el muelle para.

As you can see from my translation, "de perrito" means to have sex from Besides echar un palo, which is pretty much a Mexican expression. {Non-slang meanings in braces} {Significados normales en llaves} . armarla: { to set it up} to be able to do something that requires skill, e.g. play the guitar. .. echar un fonazo: to phone, to telephone. .. palo: {stick} session of having sex. Translation of cazo | Colocar en un cazo la ralladura y el zumo de naranja.

A Dictionary of Over 3, Slang Expressions, Proverbs, Idioms, and Other When someone must put up with something unpleasant or do something against one's wishes, he must morderse un huevo, bite one of Echar (se) un palito (v.) . Translation of borracho | borracho de gloria/poder/éxito. Se me antoja echar un palo Pero hahaaaaahaa omg this is sooo funny If you are going to treat me like a toy, I want to be one that vibrates. . Loose translation: It's spelled Karma and it's pronounced: "There you have it for being an ass.

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