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How to make a baby memory box

Published 12.09.2018

Make your own baby memory box to save all those first memories. Includes a detailed list of what to include. My sister-in-law, Barbara asked me to make her another box. Baby's Memory Box Memory Frame, Memories Box, Baby Memories, Keepsake Boxes, Baby. To make sure I wasn't leaving out any important items, I went to Etsy and did a search for “baby keepsake.” Sure enough, I quickly found some additional.

Make notes of all the baby name decisions you made and then backtracked from, and add the lists to your baby keepsake box, so you can. If this sounds like you, make a memory box. Postcards from family trips; Pacifiers and baby silverware; One baby bottle; Programs from plays. Great suggestions about what to keep in the memory box. So I have to ask you this question: do you have a completed baby book for each of your children?.

In a box. In the back of your closet. Where no one can cherish the sweet memories they hold. It's time to get crafty and create a baby shadow.

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